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  • One Week Intensive Course
  • TESOL Certificate
  • 40 brain-based teaching methods

Why Train With CIE?

The principal instructor for CIE, Dr. Cotton, is a pioneer in the field of advanced TESOL methodology and language acquisition. This course reflects his own 30-year experience in teaching English on 5 continents.

  • This is NOT A LECTURE COURSE. It is an intensive, hands-on, interactive program filled with practice sessions. We specialize in practical methodology and NOT theory. Sessions are enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic and filled with humor.
  • Learn how the very latest explosive research on the brain applies to TESOL educators.
  • Be trained in the use of over 40 of the latest brain-based language teaching methods.
  • Hone your teaching skills in hands-on practice sessions.
  • Over 7000 of our students are teaching in over 40 countries around the world.
  • Dr Cotton has been the principal instructor in Canada and internationally for over 20 years.
  • Whether you are an experienced teacher or have little or no formal teaching qualifications, thiscourse will benefit you and help you find a job teaching others.
  • This TESOL course is recognized as the first part of a fully accredited BA or MA degree with USAT.
  • Eminently qualified instructor with over 30 years of experience on 5 continents, two Bachelor'sdegrees, Advanced Dip.Ed., Masters in TESOL and Applied Linguistics and Doctoral degree in appliedneuroscience and linguistics.

Earn Recognized Credentials

Earn your certificate in TESOL...

By taking our TESOL course you will earn your certificate in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Having TESOL certification will provide you with the qualifications you need to find employment as an English teacher in many countries around the world. 7000 of our students have used our TESOL certificate qualification to teach in over 40 countries around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to a TESOL certificate, some countries also require that English teachers have a Bachelors Degree. For more information on how to study by distance to obtain a Bachelors degree in TESOL please consider: Studying by Distance to Earn your Degree in TESOL.

Teach any language...

The 40+ advanced language teaching methods featured on the CIE TESOL class can all be applied to teaching any language, not just English. If you are fluent in any languages other than English, and complete the CIE TESOL course, we can award you with a certificate recognizing your ability to teach that particular language. This extra certification will mean you have more to offer to prospective employers, can prove extremely useful if you work for a school that provides instruction in several languages other than English. For more information please visit our FAQs page under 'SLAM certificates'.


Private High School English Teacher


“This course is very useful for JETs with several-year experience at school to change and improve the way of teaching. All participants got to be active and think more, so could feel how much we changed.”

John M.


“I loved the course! Very informative and fun. Inspiring as well. There is no comparison with university courses. I will be returning to university in two weeks and I am not sure if I will be able to survive. I learned more here than 3 years at Yale University!”

Study by Distance to Earn Your
Degree in TESOL

Some countries and teaching institutions now require English teachers to have a degree in addition to their TESOL certificate. Learn how to receive an accredited Bachelors and/or Masters degree in Education (Major in TESOL) through our affiliate university USAT of Montserrat. This program offers an alternative, highly practical and affordable university method that can be completed from anywhere in the world. Study according to your schedule!

University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT), Montserrat

For all inquiries, please contact our Degree Program Department.

High Speed High School

Complete 3-4 years of High School education in 6-12 months.

The CIEAN Advanced High Speed High School is a distance high school learning program which implements the latest research in neuroscience, allowing students to learn much more in less time and in less discomfort. The teaching methods used throughout the course are the result of years of research into how the brain learns, stores and applies information. Using these cutting-edge methods students will be able to successfully learn and use 3-4 years of high school education in 6-12 months. For more information please click below.