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Teaching Position in Hunan, China

Teaching Position in Hunan, China

Ramiro Ruiz from Canada Frontier International Language School in Hengyang, Hunan, China, is presently recruiting two English teachers for young learners. To find out more please refer to this document.

Ramiro Ruiz

Parade Frontier International Language School


Japan Public School Teachers Needed

Japan Public School Teachers Needed

The Heart Corporation in Japan are constantly seeking promising native English speakers to teach in public schools in Japan. 
Teaching English in public schools in Japan is a good opportunity for recent graduates who want to go abroad and experience a different culture before settling down in their home country. Although it is typically not ...

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Recruiters seeking CIE grads

Recruiters seeking CIE grads

A past CIE graduate who has been teaching in China has recently been asked by his school to recruit more teachers. Six positions have been filled so far and there are still more openings available. If you are interested, please contact Carl at

Job offer in Hunan, China

Job offer in Hunan, China

Parade Frontier International Language School is interested in hiring more CIE-trained teachers. To learn more please look at their job posting here.

Job offer in Shanghai

Job offer in Shanghai

After hiring a CIE-trained teacher, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) contacted us asking for more similarly trained teachers. They also mentioned that they hire each year so it wouldn't hurt to reach out to them at anytime if this is an area you are interested in living. To learn more, please ...

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Apostille Stamps

Apostille Stamps

So, you’ve freshly graduated, you’re full of youthful enthusiasm and you’ve got your teaching destination planned. Then someone drops the question, “Do you have your Apostille sorted out?”  and your balloon is burst! Take heart though... although it may seem daunting you can quickly learn what an apostille is, why you might ...

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