Golden Voice English looking for teachers, $18/hr

Golden Voice English looking for teachers, $18/hr

We received this message from a CIE grad:

"Dear Fellow CIE TESOL Graduates:

I am teaching online for a school that pays their tutors $18/hr. There are two 25-30 minute classes per hour, therefore the pay for each class is $9. The students are Chinese 1st through 9th graders. The times offered are 18:00-22:00 Beijing Time. Please see the attachment for more information.

If you're interested, please contact me at the email address below and I will send you more details. If you send me your resume so that I can refer you, I also offer my dedicated support through to the interview process - including familiarizing you with the teaching platform which will be used during the interview. (Interview includes a short demo class. Apparently, they have also added another demo after some training.) I also have a closed Facebook group for continued support for successful referrals.

As of today, this is what GVE lists as the absolute minimum personal requirement (although things could change):

"Minimum three-month or equivalent combination of ESL/EFL teaching experience, including part-time, volunteer, community and coaching activities"

(Of course, their "desired requirements" section does include a bachelor's degree and TESOL certificate, but this is not an absolute requirement.)

Please contact me and I will fill you in on more details and support you the best I can in the application/interview process.

Warm Regards,

Gina Rhinehart

My email: